The symbols of Discordian Buddhism: the Apple, the Wheel of Dhama, the Hand of Eris, the Pentagon
Transmissions from the Chaos Buddha
A portrait in the style of a woodcut, a young feminine person with long hair tied up messily, with locks spilling down on either side of aer face.  Ae wears glasses and robes. On either side of aer are a carving of Buddha and an unidentified deity or Bodhisattva.

Aer Navelness Immemorable Lama Tin the Meaningless, Founder

(Rev. Odessa Cathode Ray, Cu.D)

Tin is a chemical element with the symbol Sn and atomic number 50.

In this instance, Tin is also the Chaos Dharma name taken by Rev. Odessa Cathode Ray, Prophet of the Ancient and Mystical Order of the Time Cube (AMOTC). Lama Tin uses ae/aer and she/her pronouns.

Lama Tin's work includes spiritual topics which draw heavily from Dharmic religion, with an emphasis on the absurd. Additionally, ae writes Dadaist poetry which is released in the zine Warring Songs.