Temple of the Chaos Buddha

Discordian Buddhist Sangha

All is Chaos. Chaos is All.

The Buddha of Chaos, with a bindi in the shape of the Apple of Discord

Buddhism teaches that all people are inherently Buddhas.

Discordianism teaches that all people are inherently Chaos.

Discordian Buddhism teaches that all people are inherently Chaos Buddhas.

Cover art for Transmissions from the Chaos Buddha

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"When thoughts cease, only chaos remains. When chaos is within the mind, chaos is within our grasp. In our grasp, chaos is within our thrall. As chaos can take every shape, form, and nature, so it can be shaped, formed, and cultivated. Radiate the chaos that you wish to see in the world. Speak and it will answer." --Lama Tin

The Formica Tablet of Fine Home Furnishings

It is said that the digits of pi contain every possible sequence of numbers.
Pi is not unique in this regard; this must be true of all irrationals.
Similarly, the fundamentally chaotic universe must contain all possible organizations of matter.
There must exist, for instance, aspects of chaos which, by random chance, resemble that which makes up a table.
By constraining chaos and placing together those aspects of chaos which resemble a table, one may construct a table.
The table, though it appears ordered, remains chaos.
The same is true for a lamp, a desk, a piano, a butterfly, a pizza, or a human body.
There is no difference between a table leg and your elbow.
As above, so elbow.

the remnants of a colorful sand mandala, being destroyed by the monks who created it.

We often see photos of beautiful, intricate sand mandalas created by Buddhist monks. However, what we don't often see are photos of what happens to the mandala after it is finished. Every mandala is methodically destroyed, the sand mingled with water, and dispersed.

This is the culmination of the creation of such a work. The 'grand finale' as it were. The summation. Impermanence, but more than that. Meaninglessness is hiding at the heart of every stroke of every artist's pen, and in every pen, and in every artist, beautiful and moving as they all may be.

All is chaos. Chaos is all. Listen.

A mandala with the apple of Discord at its center.  Around it is the text